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Cold Air Intake (CAI)

Breathe Deeply and Repeat: Unlike a creepy, heavy-breathing caller on the other end of the phone, a cold air intake is a welcome thing — at least for driving enthusiasts. In fact, this may be the least expensive way to improve the power and efficiency of your car. It replaces your car’s standard air box and filter with a cone-shaped, long-life filter and an aluminium or plastic intake tube. All this provides more air to your engine, boosting the horsepower and fuel efficiency. Just make sure you mount it higher under the hood, rather than down low by the wheel wells. Sucking in any kind of moisture can result in the dreaded hydro-lock, essentially killing your engine. And, as with any engine-related modifications, just know that it could possibly void your manufacturer warranty and/or insurance coverage should something go awry.

Here is a great CAI that fits on most cars!