Different Shells

  • Coupes vs Sedans vs SUV vs Wagons 

Coupes are cars equipped with only two doors and two seats. Coupes are usually rear wheel drive sports cars because of their lightweight and lack of utility.

Sedans are cars equipped with four doors, and either four or five seats. Sedans have a closed trunk and are usually lower to the ground than SUV’s. Sedans are very common which gives a good variety to choose from.

SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle are bigger vehicles than coupes and sedans. Usually equipped with all wheel drive and beefy suspension, SUV’s are the best when it comes to rough terrain. A downside for SUV’s is their weight compared to smaller vehicles.

Wagons are similar to sedans except for the trunk which resembles the one of an SUV. Wagons are often called family cars because of their good gas mileage and their utility. They make for great sleepers*(cars that look slow but are extremely quick)


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